It’s been over a century since the terrorist attack that nearly ended any chance for humanity to travel to the stars. Then there was the fifty years of war with the plant-like Esool, the rise of a powerful, cult-like anti-colonization group, and the increasing tensions between the wealthy upper class and the lower working class. 

But we’re getting better.

Except for the part where the first joint colony effort between humans and the Esool results in the colony ship Citadel crashing on the wrong planet, with no hope of returning home.

Now the struggling colony itself led by a former alien enemy, and hidden among them is both the saboteur and the most notorious terrorist history has ever known. Survival will mean pulling together and doing the impossible a few dozen times.

Unless, of course, a brand new alien species puts a stop to the whole thing. 

And the colonists thought it was a rough ride coming down.