WPC-072 - Living Well with Roland Denzel

WPC-072 - Living Well with Roland Denzel

Feeling good is the kind of thing we never quite think about. We get so busy building our careers, trying to be more productive, trying to balance work against family life—we can sometimes forget that our bodies are part of the equation. Roland Denzel realized this years ago, and he's been sharing everything he learns about eating better, getting fit, and living well. This episode takes a look at some of Roland's philosophy, so that you can start feeling better right now.

SPA 57: The Most Inspirational, Awesome Books of All Time

SPA 57: The Most Inspirational, Awesome Books of All Time

...Or at least according to the guys. In this episode, the dudes chat about the most inspiring presentations, talks, books, movies, podcasts, etc. they've ever encountered and had the pleasure to consume.

Also Nick got a van.


Tony Robbins - Unlimited Power Neil Gaiman's Commencement Speech J.K. Rowling's interview with Oprah Veteran's Writing Project Austin Film Festival

We’re Moving. And you are going to LOVE TumThack

We’re Moving. And you are going to LOVE TumThack

You may have heard the rumors, but there’s nothing like getting an insider’s front-row seat!

For the past few months, we—Kevin Tumlinson and Nick Thacker—have been working ridiculously hard to build something that will make your life all that much sweeter.

As of today, we have merged our businesses and our mailing lists under one name: TumThack Publishing Group

(See what we did there?)

And as exciting and cool as this is for us, this is really good news for you.

Because as of now you are part of an ever-growing universe of useful tools and information and resources that will help you crush it as a writer.

Or, if reading fantastic fiction is more your thing, you’ll discover you’re more than covered there, too! Nick and I are both prolific fiction authors, and their combined catalog has something for every fiction lover.

Right now, you are taking the very first steps, right alongside me and Nick, on an adventure we can’t wait to share.

Go to TumThack.com right now and see what we’re building!

And stay tuned, because in the next couple of days we’ll be sending you something amazing, as a thank you for being part of this with us. 

Seriously, you are not going to want to miss this!

We can’t wait to get started on building TumThack into the type of business that helps you master your passions. We also can’t say enough how much we appreciate you being here, and being a part of this from the very beginning.

You are our why. 

Stick around. And thank you for making TumThack possible. 

Nick Thacker & Kevin Tumlinson


Go. Write. Now.

PS - Keep watching your inbox, because seriously the next email is going to be very cool, and it's just for special insiders like you!

Become a Slinger and you could win a FREE Amazon Kindle fire HD6!

Become a Slinger and you could win a FREE Amazon Kindle fire HD6!


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Hey there, Slingers! 

I love bringing you great interviews with some of the most fascinating people around, every single week on the Wordslinger Podcast. I get to talk to amazing people and hear stories that inspire me, and then share all of that with you—that's a real blessing!

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Kevin Tumlinson
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Check out my interview: How To Publish a Book a Month & Grow Your Reach

Check out my interview: How To Publish a Book a Month & Grow Your Reach

Some exciting news: I was featured on the Audience Hacker Podcast, and my interview just went live today!

I had a really great chat with Jonny Andrews regarding writing and publishing. During our time, I shared my journey as an author. I also discuss setting up a workflow, marketing your book, and networking with fellow authors.

Check the interview out at http://www.audiencehacker.com/kevin-tumlinson/!

Have fun with this one!


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