This is where it all starts.

Thriller author Kevin Tumlinson shares the world with you, one story at a time.

It’s early yet, but here’s where I’m planning to take this blog—

I have these four pillars that prop up my work. I aim everything in my life to inform and inspire, educate and entertain. And aside from being alliterative, these four pillars also help me figure out what matters and what doesn’t, particularly when it comes to my novels.  

The Written World is a travelogue of sorts. I plan to share articles and videos and other content that I come across while researching my books, and include whatever commentary I think fits the mood. I plan to share photos and thoughts about the places I visit as I travel. And I plan to occasionally share chapters, characters bios, and a short story or two. 

This post is really a placeholder so that there’s something here if you happen to stumble across this blog before it really gets going. But let’s also consider it an introduction.

If you don’t already know me—I’m an author with a large and growing catalog of novels in a variety of genres. For a time I wrote science fiction and fantasy. These days I write thrillers. 

In particular, my primary series is a set of archaeological thrillers that explore history and culture, and then throw it all into chaos with some dangerous intrusion from the modern world. My protagonist, Dr. Dan Kolter, is a modern-day Indiana Jones. His partner is FBI Agent Roland Denzel, who heads a new division of the FBI called Historic Crimes. These books are pure adventure, with some history and science and fun facts worked in. I love them, and I’m hoping you will too. 

I have other series, and other characters, and there will be more to come.. 

So here, though, I’ll share the stuff that goes on behind on the scenes for these books. I’ll share what I’m learning about the world, about history, about culture, about science. I’ll let you see my notebooks, basically. And I’ll even let you weigh in on these topics. You can help me shape future stories, in a sense.  

And if you’d like to pick up some of my work and explore that on your own, you’ll definitely be able to do that from the Books page.  

Otherwise, hit Contact above. Say hello. Tell me a little about who you are and what brought you here.  

And I’ll see you out in the Written World.