I always seem to be the guy who tears a corner off of the paper towel when he's pulling it from the roll. It's amazing... give me a roll with a thousand sheets and 999 of them will have the corners torn off. The last one will be in tact except for those strips that are stuck to the tube with glue.

Sometimes I can tell when I'm going to have "one of those days." They always start the same... I wake up.

But I can't complain, really. I mean, the little annoyances are the ones that set me off the fastest, but they're a lot better than the BIG annoyances. And really, I don't have too many of those. I have problems, but they're usually not such a big deal. The major stuff, like family members dying or losing a job or whatever, only comes along once in a great while. It sucks when things like that happen, but you deal. You get over it eventually. Even if "getting over it" means you change in some major or minor way.

But the little stuff...

That kind of thing makes you wonder if God is a practical joker. Like this morning, I go to print some documents and suddenly my printer shuts down. And never comes back on. I've tried everything... cursing at it, slamming the palm of my hand on it, glaring at it, muttering vows of vengeance... nothing seems to work.

This isn't the first time I've had this problem with it. Since shelling out 300 bucks for it a year or so ago this has happened like four times. I usually go on to HP's very helpful online tech support and chat with one of their people, and before you know it the printer works and I have no idea how it happened.

I'm a very tech savvy guy. I BUILD my computers. I have a degree in electronics engineering, for Pete's sake. But not once have I ever been able to use the same solution twice on this printer. The symptoms are always the same, but fixing it varies from day to day. So, it's annoying.

But it's minor. That's what I need to keep telling myself. It's a minor thing. Forget about it.

I'm buying a new freaking printer.

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