For the past couple of weeks I've been getting up in the morning and riding a bike. I remember when I was a kid I used to ride for hours at a time. In fact, my bike was "freedom." With my bike I could go anywhere and be anything. I lived in the country and all of my friends lived pretty far, and if not for my bike I'd never have gotten to hang out with anyone.

But now, riding a bike is a little like trying to pull the muscles in my legs free of the bones.

I used to do THIS for several hours a day?

I have to believe that if it hurts that bad it's GOT to be good for me.

Here's a bachelor observation for you... EVERYTHING goes with peanut butter. Especially crunchy peanut butter. Maybe it's the fact that I was famished and I didn't feel like cooking when I got in this evening, but those pepperoni snack sticks dipped in crunchy peanut butter tasted like the best thing I've ever eaten.

It wasn't until I'd eaten two of them that I realized that, yes, everything really does go with peanut butter. I can't even start a list of things I've eaten with peanut butter over the years... I wouldn't know where to start.

You know, I've thought about writing a sort of bachelor survival manual. I have thousands of little tricks -- everything from the all-purpose peanut butter thing to cheap, makeshift deodorant. I wonder if anyone would buy a book like that? Maybe if I gave away a coupon for EZ Cheese?

Anyway, tomorrow is golf day. I'm playing a short round of golf with my good friend Jason Winscott. After that, it's back to the ol' salt mines, working on sorting some images and touching up a few things for this documentary. Then tomorrow afternoon I have a photo shoot. So basically it's going to be a very busy day. Just in time for Christmas.

I started the virtual office book today (good) and I didn't get a chance to study for my comprehensive exam coming up on Jan. 7th (bad). I'll get to that. I'm just extremely busy with this project I'm doing for Reel Adventures and the other work in my life. This book is really something I'm doing "part time." I think I can probably get it written inside a month if I get to work on it every day for an hour or two. We'll just have to see.

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