I've spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks working on a "secret project." And now I can finally spill the beans!

This evening I uploaded the new and improved Hat Digital Media web site! www.hatdigitalmedia.com

The previous web site was fine, of course, but it was really just sort of a place holder until I could get the new one built. The new HDM web site has detailed information about the services my company offers as well as some of the rates. If you (or someone you know) need help with any writing, video, audio or graphic arts project, keep Hat Digital Media in mind!

I'm very excited about the new site, of course. It took a great deal of time to get everything the way I wanted it. And it includes several original graphic arts pieces so if nothing else, go check out the site for those!

In other Kevin news, this weekend I start studying for my comprehensive exam for the Masters of Education. The classes are finished, now comes the hard part! Luckily, my good friend Mick Handloser has volunteered to help me study. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement, since he's going to be taking this test in the Spring.

Pray for our souls.

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