It started last night around 9:30p.m. At first I thought it was just a light frost, but as time wore on it became more and more evident that the rain was indeed broken. It was coming down solid and very, very cold.

I know it's common for it to snow on Christmas in other parts of the country, but this is freaking West Columbia Texas! It does NOT snow here. It barely registers as "Winter" here.

It was very surreal. I was outside until mid-night last night, just watching the flakes come down. And as it piled deeper and deeper I actually started to get a little worried. I mean, who knows if the people who build houses in this area ever figured snow into the equation?

Speaking of surreal, it was odd that at mid-night you could see for miles. the snow was reflecting all the available light and it was like a sort of strange dusk.

In the morning we got up and I made a snow man... a snow man! I also went walking around my tiny little town to see what it looked like dressed as New England.

Check it out here....

To top it all off, we did manage to get over to my brother's place and spend Christmas day with them. Jayson and I built a giant snow man, a snow fort, and basically threw snow balls at each other all day. It was like being kids again... only in New England.

Oh, and by the way, as I walked around my neighborhood and entered some of the "less developed" parts of town, it struck me that even houses that are a little run down look kind of elegant. I guess 8 inches of snow is pretty good at hiding all the blemishes.

A white Christmas! Never in a million years did I think I'd see one in South Texas. Enjoy the pictures!

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