I should make something very, very clear... I love my hair. I'm not balding and it generally does cool things that other people pay for. It's soft and luxurious and thick. And it's marked for termination.
My friend, Vic Mignogna, has done the impossible. He has talked me into shaving my head. For free. All for a bit part in his short film that won't even be seen by most of the Universe!
The details on how he managed this are still fuzzy to me (no pun), but suffice to say I'm going to do something I will likely regret for the next several months. Around Wednesday or so, I'm going to shave it clean. Not a follicle to be seen!
I'll be sure to post some photos or video or something. And I'll probably save all my hair in a little bag so I can try to Elmer's glue it back on later or something. Or hey, I could sell locks of hair online! Ok, I know, I know...
Anyway, at least I'll look a little more like Patrick Stewart. He gets all the chicks, right?
It'll grow back. It'll grow back. If I keep repeating the mantra, maybe I'll feel better.

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