Today (Friday) is the last day of a four day stint as part of the Operation Tailwind documentary. Today we are interview Robert Van Buskirk, who was CNN's go-to guy for information in their 1998 story. It's been an interesting interview, to say the least.

I'm very tired today. It's been a long week... lots of interviews, lots of running around making sure things are working the way they are supposed to, lots of late dinners and early breakfasts to coordinate! I am on intimate terms with the hotel staff and the restaurant mangers in the area.

I love my work. This sort of thing is fun and exciting - it gets the adrenalin pumping!

I've discovered that I have quite a talent for coordinating everything. A handy talent to have! Especially in my line of work.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm sleeping in. It's been a long week!

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