My friend Bobby Beaver and I like to hit the flea markets every other month or so. It's a good place to pick up the odd piece of equipment for our respective studios. But it's also a good place to find new an interesting items from the far reaches of the world.

Yes, a cultural cornucopia, that's what the flea market is. The sights, the sounds, the smells... it's not a place for the easily daunted. Bob and I show up early and do the equivalent of a 30-mile march while carrying various and sundry items. But it's worth it for the bargains and for the occasional trip down memory lane.

And one more perk... the knock-offs!

You haven't lived until you've perused a table of Rorlex watches or gazed upon the beauty of a Sonay television. Parasoric DVD players and Generalized Electronic washing machines are all the rage. But for me, the real fun comes from looking at the knock-off toys.

There's something about seeing rows and rows of "Spader-man" (dogs beware!) and "Maximum Man" (a knock off of Super-man). The Powerful Rangers make an appearance pretty often, along with the League of Maximum Justice (the Justice League)! But I think that this one puts them all to shame:


I don't know about the rest of you, but anything that promises to give me infinite pleasure is definitely going on the ol' stocking stuffer wish list.

I think I'll have to start posting about the flea market finds that Bob and I come across on our trips. I know I've passed up tons of stuff that might be interesting. Time to keep the ol' eyes open!

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