Yesterday I went in for an inteview with KHOU, Channel 11 here in Houston. I'm being considered for a writer/producer position in their promotions department.

This would be a HUGE change for me. I've been running my own production business for the past few years, and this is a whole different animal. It's one job, for example. I'm used to doing ALL the jobs!

So I'm excited about the opportunity but understandably a little hesitant because of what it means for my career at this point. But I think that this is a pretty good move for me right now. I lose a little bit of flexibility in my schedule but I gain the notable advantage of being able to afford food and shelter. Kara is, of course, quite pleased at the prospect.

So wish me luck! Keep me in your prayers! And hopefully in a few days I'll be reporting on my new position.

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