Taylor Hicks won! Wow. Well, a lot of my friends actually are very vocal about not liking the guy, but I have to say that I really liked him from the start. I think he's got an outstanding sound. Maybe he's quirky, maybe he's got that whole Ray Charles thing going, but he's good. You can't deny that.

Well, you can, but you'd be wrong, so there.

I was very excited to see him win. I've already downloaded his CD (from his "nobody knows me" days). It's not bad! I'm sure the next one will be much better, what with all the original music being written for him by some of the best in the business.

Dave has said that he'll disappear into obscurity like some of the other Idols. I actually think he's going to cause a revival of Soul in pop music. The thing that Kara and I always said about him was that he's not original, but he's "fresh." Chris sounded like every other rocker on the radio. Katharine sounded like...well, frankly she was a weaker version of most of the female pop vocalists we've heard. She's very good, but she still has a ways to go. But Taylor has that raspy, soul sound that we haven't heard in a while.

Everywhere I went during the season, if American Idol was brought up it was made clear that people loved Taylor. I think he had a HUGE following. Heck, he never once was in the bottom three or the bottom two. He's the only guy on the show that season who did that!

So congratulations Taylor! I can't wait to pick up your new album. (he IS reading this, right?)

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