Since I've decided to cull back the work I've been doing and concentrate more on writing I've discovered one very important fact... no one wants to pay you to write. Sad, isn't it?

The unfortunate fact is that the majority of what I write is for free. Either I'm writing something on spec for possible publication or I'm writing blogs and web articles and other freebies. Oh sure, there's the occasional paying gig. And when they pay they usually pay pretty good. But they seem to be stretched out pretty far.

But I think that I'm making the right decision by focusing more on writing than production. I'll still take on the odd production gig here and there - it pays the bills. But instead of actively trying to find clients for that kind of thing I'm going to stick with looking for freelance writing stuff. I'm combing my contacts and sending e-mails and letters to the publications I've dealt with in the past. And all the production people I've worked with will get something that tells them to think of me when they need any writing work done. But I also wanted to post something here.

If anyone needs any kind of writing (copywriting, scripts, articles, press releases, web content... anything) just let me know. I'm pretty good at working within a budget, and I'm more than willing to supply writing samples.

I have a goal. I write it 15 times each morning. It goes like this:

"I, Kevin Tumlinson, will be a financially successful and sought out author by January 1, 2007."

Fifteen times each day I tap that into my laptop then get right to work on whatever writing I need to do before I start doing whatever it is that's going to take me away from it for a few hours. It's called an "affirmation list," and I got the idea from my buddy Dave after he read about it in a Scott Adams book. And it seems to work. If nothing else it keeps my goal present and always on my mind.

I also just write a "Levels Guide." This is a list of 5 levels of writing success. Basically, this is the ruler by which I'll measure my success. It lists 5 types of writers, the level of fame they've acquired, and the amount of income they receive (relative to making a living). It still needs some tweaking, but I think it will be a fair measurement to gauge my success over time.

Right now, I'd put myself at about level 2... Minor success, little known, small following of mostly friends and family and not able to make a living from writing alone. By January I'm hoping to be at least level 3 and by the following year I'd like to skip 4 all together and go right to 5... but that may be asking a bit much (a 5 would be someone like Stephen King or Michael Crichton). But who knows?

Also in the news, I'm thinking of self-publishing my book "The Last Single Guy." I may offer it as an e-book and a POD (publish on demand) book for now. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

And I'll keep everyone informed on where things stand in Kevin's Writing Adventure.

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