You may have noticed a slight change in address. That's because I've "repurposed" to function as the front site for a new business endeavor. Kara and I decided to found a new LLC, Tumlinson Enterprises, that will be the parent company for everything we do. TE will own Hat Digital Media, Allure Planning and all the other nifty companies we found over time.

So now when you type you will get a much different web site. To get back to the old, familiar site everyone knows and loves you'll go to instead.

Confused? I figure this may cause the collapse of society as we know it for a time but you'll all recover. Judging by the sheer volume of comments I get (the total was over 5500 times 0!) I'm guessing most folks won't even know there's been a change.

Ok... here we go! Enjoy and remember to check out all the subsidiary companies listed on You might find something you need.

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