It's the end of an era.

This week I wrote the final "Newlywed" blog entry fo the Houston Chronicle.  Surprisingly there has been an outpouring of support from pepole who were, apparently, reading the darn thing and liking it very much.  So now I'm left with this freakish, hollow feeling that maybe I had an error in judgement.  What I had ended with the best of intentions  - less free work, more time to dedicate to paid writing gigs and a general feeling that I had told all that I could tell about my marriage to Kara at this time - now I'm suddenly wondering if I've alienated myself from reading public that was rooting for me.

I did keep the Making Movies blog, because I felt this one had the best chance of giving me useable clips for my portfolio.  It's more "business like," more "professional."  Newlywed was more... well, I suppose it was more "me."  Personal and meaningful as an expression of myself.


Well, that may very well decide the issue.  I may have to figure out some other road to take.  I think I made the right decision in ending "Newlywed," but maybe I should consider starting a new blog in its place, something to fill the void.

Darn it.  I was hoping to SIMPLIFY my life more not make it more complicated.  What the heck??

Ok, so I'll investigate this.  I'll explore options.  I hate to let down what little readership I have.  So maybe I'll reassess this and make a decision on what to do from there.

Suggestions are always welcome.

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