Kara and I are trying to get into a rental house. The Apartment of Doom lost its charm long ago, and now we're just ready to move on with it.

Recently, we found a place we really liked. It had an appropriate number of bedrooms, sweet living and dining areas, hardwood floors and a converted garage that serves as a family room. It had a great kitchen and a great yard. But my favorite part was the friggin' sweet office and workshop area in the back. Rocksome (my new word for beyond awesome. Use it!).

Before we could hand in our application, though, we were told that someone had come along and dropped a deposit. D'oh. We were told that it was too late. The place was off the market.
"Don't worry" I said with confidence. "We'll still get it."

That was about a week ago, and since then I've been convinced that something would come up. We would get that house. It was meant to be.

Last night, we ran into our realtor while bowling in a part of town that is nowhere near where either of us live. Funny, huh? Want to hear the punchline? He told us that the house is back on the market.


So we're in the push for it again. And I'm asking you, friends, neighbors, loved ones and people of the Awesome Public, to put your brains and hearts to work on wishing us the best of luck in getting it. This place is perfect for us, and we have a couple of obstacles to overcome to get it, but I know we'll be in.

Just wait and see.

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