Since making the decision to focus more on my writing career, I've noticed that the Universe is shifting around me, opening up opportunities in every direction. Today, I'm on campus at Houston Baptist University, where one of those opportunities could change everything.

One of my English professors is now head of the creative writing program at HBU. The program didn't exist when I was a student here. In fact, it came into being about six months after I graduated with my M.Ed. Bummer. But now it seems to be going strong, and my professor wants to talk to me about it.

So that begs the question ... what if I somehow became a part of that program?

I like academia. I was pretty much a career student for more than fifteen years, and when I left I had intended to return someday, going for the scary-but-cool Ph.D. Now, five years after my grad degree, I'm planning to apply for the Creative Writing program at UH. The fact that it's the third best school in the world for creative writing is kind of a bonus.

I'll get in, one way or another. In the meantime, it will help to have a few former professors on my side. The one I'm seeing today actually told me he's long admired my work, so that's encouraging.

What will I do with a Ph.D.? The shortest answer: write. The more complicated one? I figure I'd enjoy teaching on the university level, writing on the side. In the university environment I'd have to write and publish ... it's required. So it's really kind of a win-win for me.

What about HBU? Yeah, I think I'd like to teach here. The campus has grown so much over just five years, and I think it will continue to do so. And it's always felt a bit like home to me. So yeah, I think I may try to get on here.

Beyond that, my plan is to keep writing, learn as much as I can from my current copywriting job, get myself into the Ph.D. program at UH, and keep writing. Yeah, I said it twice. It's that important.

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