First, I know that the site looks wonky. I'm working on it. I recently moved to a new server so I haven't managed to transfer everything yet. But at least you can read this, right?

Second, this is a re-post of an entry on Mental Floss, presented on the Chron site. Sorry, I just wanted more people to see it.

I went walking in Memorial Park yesterday. I actually had a great time, and despite the agony of sinus pressure, muscle soreness, and a general protest from my shockingly out of shape body at the exertion I was forcing on it, I actually had a smile on my face the whole time.

One thing I did notice, though, is that no matter how fast I walked I was still getting passed left and right. This bothered me at first, but eventually I decided that A) my legs are shorter than everyone else's for some reason, thus making it hard to keep up without jogging, and B) I'm a slow walker. It's my thing. It's fast for me but slow to everyone else. Sort of like Einstein's theory of general relativity ... my time is different than your time. So be it.

I had come to a place of genuine acceptance, and was bouncing along just fine, until the girl jogging backwards passed me.

"Oh, COME ON!" I shouted, which she couldn't hear because by the time I reacted in Kevin Time she was already well out of ear shot. I did get some looks from the speed-streaked features of passersby, though.

Today I'm sore as hell, but I think I can keep it up. I just keep telling myself, "I'm feeling crappy now so that I won't feel crappy every time I do anything physical." That seems to work.

Nice and slow, but steady. If I can't get up to speed that way I have no idea what to do, because I've had exactly zero luck getting myself to take up any other form of exercise, and frankly I'm starting to mold myself to the sofa.

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