Something I've noticed lately is that I have more energy. Even better, I seem to have a lot less pain. And, not coincidentally, I'm seeing some shrinkage around the ol' mid-section. This is all thanks to my new walking regime, which has me in the park nearly every day for a three-mile lap.

I read a lot about men and women who are considered geniuses. Call it a study. And one thing that a large majority of them have in common is that they take daily walks. Some cite exercise for vitality, some want to commune with nature, while still others claim that a simple change of environment helps them think.

I'm going for all three.

True, I usually have my iPod going. That's more for helping me keep up the pace and energy, though. Believe it or not, nine times out of ten I'm listening to an audio book. This week's book of choice -- I'm re-listening to "The Alchemist." I've read or listened to this book several times now, and I come away with something new each time.

I like walking in Memorial Park. It's a good place for a recurring workout because I know the path, know how long it will take and what the landmarks and waypoints are, and my walk can be nearly automatic. But despite the familiarity and automation, there's still always something (usually someone) interesting to look at. There's this ever-evolving dynamic there, in which a slice of the world comes together to do something good for themselves. And for once, I'm a participant and not just an observer.

I like the fact that I'm seeing the benefits of all the exercise. I feel better. That's saying something, because I was starting to feel pretty crappy all the time. And I don't feel deprived of anything, though I am eating less (could stand to go even less). Not getting enough water yet, but I'm working on it.

All this started in preparation for Paris, but the side benefit is a better lifestyle. And occasionally I do get out of Memorial and walk in some more interesting places, like at Lake Conroe. And when we're in Paris I plan to try for some workout time there, too. It will counteract all of the pastries I plan to eat.

Hey, if it worked for Subway Jared it will work for me.

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