If there's one thing I love ... one thing that will get me revved up and ready to rumble every time ... it's free stuff. You like free stuff? Oh yes. Yes, yes. I know that you do.

Ok, then, let's get you hooked up. Make sure you have iTunes (a free download, by the way) and click on this bad boy.

A little gift from me to you. Ok, not really from me. It's actually from Chris Anderson, but I'm telling you about it free of charge. For the time being, it's a free download of the audiobook "FREE: The Future of a Radical Price."

I started listening to it yesterday and I've already made two exclamations:

1) "Damn it, this guy wrote my book!" Hell, he even started it almost word-for-word the way I was starting mine.

2) "Damn. This is useful. Oh well, at least I get to listen to my book." I give up. Maybe I'll just write a cookbook.
Full of great case studies and useful tips, as well as an intriguing look at the history and origins of "free" and "zero" as concepts, I highly recommend this to entrepreneurs and just general history buffs alike, plus anyone who likes free stuff. Which is everybody. I recommend this to everybody.

Enjoy. And let me know what you think of it. Also, if you don't download it I will think less of you. You can't afford to lose those cool points.

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