Let's say for a second that somehow "better gun control" becomes less of the undefined boogeyman-esque tirade it is now and becomes an actual thing. At that point, you can be reasonably sure that a whole bunch of guns will go into hiding. Now you have a ton of guns floating around with no one monitoring them at all. Ammunition? Takes ten seconds to research how to make bullets online. You can even find a recipe for making gunpowder (planning to regulate seagull poop?). 

You're not taking guns from people. Mostly because they have a gun, and they will stop you.

And if you think that seccession or civil war is just some rightwing-nut-job pipe dream, you've likely never actually read history or news stories from outside the US. 

So basically, this isn't anything worth debating or arguing about. Which, of course, means it's one of the five favorite things that everyone loves to debate and argue about endlessly

Carry on.

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