I actually released this weeks ago, but just realized I never posted anything about it here. That's because I'm neglectful, and possibly bent on surpressing the public by withholding knowledge.

Anywho ...

Check out my new Kindle Single, "Tin Man!" Available for download on Kindle:

"Tin Man" is such an original title! I'm making an allusion, you know. I'm referencing that beloved fantasy story, "The Guy Who Lives in that Place and Does Amazing Things." Or something.Here's the synopsis:

The Ataxica, a brutal and chaotic enemy, has nearly wiped out humanity, leaving behind mostly young people and children. Years after that disastrous first contact, a remnant military force known as the Service represents humanity's last hope. But hope is fading fast, as the Ataxica have developed a new technology that gives them a significant advantage.

On the eve of a devastating attack, members of the Service discover a lone figure, an artificially intelligent being, floating in space. Once revived, "Tin Man" may hold the key to humanity's survival, as well as the secret of their deadliest enemy. If he doesn't destroy them all first.

Ooooo ... enticing!

It makes for a quick Summer read, so download it today and plop yourself down by the pool. Don't forget the sunscreen.

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