I owe you a book.

I know, I know. It's been way too long, and I've made way too many promises. And in the intervening years since Citadel: Paths in Darkness, I've written a handful of other books and tons of blog posts and more than one promise that Book 3 was coming. It is. I swear. 

Over the weekend I was talking to Kara about the writing of books. She's of the opinion that I should start writing young adult fiction, and I think I agree. In the past few years, I've read a lot of YA books, and they tend to be much more interesting than a lot of other fiction I read. They tend to be paced better. They tend to have more relatable characters. They tend to be fun

I don't think I could make a solid argument for the Citadel books as YA fiction, but I think they're close. Some of my other work, like Tin Man, could easily fall into that category. But I've never consciously set out to write YA fiction. I think I'd enjoy it.

But first there's Citadel. Here's the update:

  • In an effort to get my head back into the story for the third book, I have been re-reading and re-editing the first two. The goal is to release second editions of each book just prior to the release of Book 3. 
  • I've finished editing Book 1 (Citadel: First Colony), and I have it in the new layout.
  • Covers (new covers!) are on the way for all three books. I'm going for a unified theme across all three.
  • Book 2 is in edit now (back in edit, actually). The edit should be finished over the next couple of weeks and then it's into the new and improved layout.
  • Book 3 ... here's the big news! We have a title! Citadel: Children of Light. No spoilers on plot, but I think the title works perfectly.

That's it. I don't have a timeline for delivery on Book 3 yet, but I've had enough death threats and guilt trips from all around to convince me it's time to put the focus on it. Just be aware ... it will be a long time coming yet. Don't look for it in the next month or two, in other words. 

Sorry. I'm really, really sorry! I don't know if anyone's told you this, though, but writing books is a lot of work!

Enough excuses from me. Time to get back to it. Thanks for holding out, and I promise all will be worth it!

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