Like this. Only rounder in the front. Don't judge me.

Like this. Only rounder in the front. Don't judge me.

I've discovered I really like snap-button shirts. Specifically, I kind of like the ones with pearl snaps (or sometimes black pearl snaps). There's something kind of satisfying about coming home at the end of the day and ripping my shirt open, like a man about to get down to some serious business.

I used to be pretty prejudiced against these shirts, actually. Too "western." Now I'm looking for them everywhere I shop, hoping to find one that looks cool and might be on sale. 

One of the curses of my existence is that, despite every effort on my part to make it otherwise, I actually look really good in "cowboy" clothes. Hats, boots, western shirts, faded blue jeans, the whole getup. In fact, pretty much any brimmed hat I wear looks like a cowboy hat on me. It's the size of my melon head, I think.

But hey, at 40 you have to start playing to your assets. So if this is the way it's gotta be, this is the way it's gotta be. Manly shirts, free of superhero logos. Today I even wore one with a tie. Because awesome, that's why.

I have this freakishly evolving style, so I'm probably not qualified to give fashion advice. But guys, trust me, chicks dig the "rip your shirt open" thing. Totally. Three women just popped out of my closet. I didn't even know they were in there.

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