Updates galore!

Sawyer Jackson

I'm trying. I'm really trying. My hope is to knock out the edits for "Sawyer Jackson and the Shadow Strait" by my birthday, 12 October, so that you, dear reader, are the one getting the gift! It's not going quite as quickly as I'd hoped, but there's still a chance!

The Lucid

In other news, Nick Thacker and I continue to plug away on "The Lucid," and it should be ready for it's November release. Why wait? Pre-order it now for only $2.99!

This is going to be a fantastic series of books, and I think you'll love 'em! Think "Dan Brown meets Revolutions, with a dash of The Walking Dead for color." Just a dash, mind you. No zombies, per se. Or ... are ... there?

No. But plenty of zombie-like behavior and a non-stop thrill ride laced with mystery and intrigue, so tune in!

The Wordslinger Podcast

If you haven't checked it out already, go listen in on the Wordslinger Podcast, where I talk to a new guest every week about the influence of story on our culture, our careers, and our lives. There have been some fantastic guests lately, including Marianne Cantwell, author of "Be a Free Range Human." 

I absolutely love doing this podcast, so I hope you dig it. Subscribe on iTunes and listen in every week!


If you happen to be in Philly, or parts nearby, I'm going to be in the area for the week of 13 October. Feel free to email me, and I'd be happy to hook up and chat! Bring a copy of one of my books and I'll even sign it, if ya like. I'll be all bashful and modest, but inside I'll be a writing mass of gooey excitement.


That's it for the updates! Lots going on, and more on the horizon. I have a new project that I think will be exciting for those of you who have always wanted to be an author, but couldn't figure out where to start. Look for updates on that in the near future! 




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