Sawyer Jackson and the Shadow Strait is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Official release is Friday, November 14, 2014. But for you? I could never make you wait!

New thrills and spills! New adventure! New characters! I think I like this book more than any other I've written, so I'm hoping you dig it too. That's why I'm giving away 100 FREE copies for Kindle (or any other eReader), to anyone willing to chunk a review on Amazon!

You don't HAVE to post a review, but ...

Whether or not you actually review the book is totally up to you—your free copy will be your free copy for life. But it helps me out tremendously if you're willing to post a review on Amazon, to help others find the book. So win an author's love, and post! And be sure to let me know afterward, I'd love to read it.

"But I haven't read the first one" (sad face)

Oh you. Turn that frown upside down! Because you can get Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land for free, too!

It would also warm this Wordslinger's heart if you'd review that book, too! I need all the reviews I can get, so that the book can be discovered and loved by a bigger audience.

I really believe in this series

I love all my books and stories, and all of them mean something special to me. But this series in particular is really coming from a place in my heart. This story is one that has grown with me, from early childhood to today. It continues to grow, with every new story or idea I encounter. When you read Sawyer Jackson, you're reading a lifetime of imagination and adventure, born in the back woods of Wild Peach, Texas, and carried through journeys all over the world. 

So I'm asking you this simple favor: Please review the books and help me get them to more readers who will love them!

Are you in? Good! Go to and complete the form. Once you've told me which book(s) you'd like to review, I'll send your free copy!

Hurry ... I'm only giving away 100 copies during this free review period, so this is the time to grab 'em!

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