So here's the current Citadel update:

  • The audiobook is in progress! John Pio's work is fantastic, and I can't wait to hear the first chapters. 
  • Outline for Citadel: Children of Light (Book 3) is progressing and I am lovin' the story
  • Second editions of Citadel: First Colony and Citadel: Paths in Darkness are being well received! The new cover art seems to be a favorite. 
  • I like bullet lists.

Other non-Citadel news — I had a chat with my good friend Bob a few days ago about taking some of the Kindle shorts and recording them as audiobooks as well. These are short pieces, usually with a different tone than the Citadel books. And so I'm considering reading them myself. I have the right style and timing for something quirkier, so I think this will work out just fine. Or it will be a dismal failure. Either way, there's sure to be some reading.


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