"Good news, everyone!"

If you heard that in the voice of Dr. Farnsworth, then you're my kind of people.

But seriously ... good news! I've officially outlined the first three chapters and most of the fourth chapter of "Children of Light." Not as exciting as saying "I've officially WRITTEN the first three chapters," but we take what victories we can. And that's one.

 I know, in general, where this story is going. But then it went and surprised me. A character I practically introduced as a throwaway has snuck up from behind to take a prominent role. There's also a series of events opening up that should twist this story in a way no one (even me) is expecting!

I'm very glad I took the time to re-read and re-edit the first two books. I stumbled onto a few handy story bits that I think I would have forgotten otherwise. But as I start digging into this book, I'm thrilled to see the potential in the story. And I'm more than a little happy to be in the company of characters I've grown to love. Mitch, Thomas, Reilly, Penny, Somar, Alan, and even Taggart are all there, waiting for me to come around to play once again. It's been too long.

So there we go. The first official update on the actual progress of the actual book, a long time in coming. The outline is moving along at a pace I expected, and I'm excited about the story again. 

I've had a couple of people do me the solid of pointing out questions they had from the first two books, and I think I will be able to answer those in Book 3 with no trouble. If there's anything YOU remember, any question that you would like to see answered, let me know! 

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