Earlier this was an original Van Gogh, previously undiscovered. 

Earlier this was an original Van Gogh, previously undiscovered. 

This hardly ever happens, but you're getting totally robbed by this post. It's scant and tiny compared to what was here just minutes ago. It lacks the energy of what it would have been. Why? Fate. Damnable fate. 

I spent time this morning writing a very positive and very impressive post about progress and goals and dreams and how to make a billion dollars by whistling just three notes in succession, but you'll never get to read any of it. Because for some reason my blog logged out as I was trying to finalize the post. 

I know what some of you will say. You, who are so smart and so savvy. You, with your quick minds, leaping to all the right conclusions whether I want you to or not.

You should always write your posts in something other than the inline editor in your CMS.
— You

Yes, yes. That's the wise and smart way to do it, I know. Write it in something stable, something that can't log out and lose all my changes. It's the right way to handle posting, I know. The very right way. 


Or I want it to be rubbish. Because entering a post directly into the editor, in my browser, is so much faster and easier. And, frankly, it's usually very safe. But you're right, You. You're always right. I should do it that way. 

Probably won't, though.

So this is what you get, because of my reluctance to do it right. You get this reedy little post about nothing, instead of the profundity that was my previous post. You deserve more, there is absolutely no doubt. And mea culpa. I truly apologize for the insight and inspiration you have missed out upon on this day. 

Damn you fate! You are the crashed CMS of my daily existence!

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