Speaking of books. I bet if you click on this image it will take you to some you'd like. Because random, that's why.

Speaking of books. I bet if you click on this image it will take you to some you'd like. Because random, that's why.

 I promised my friend and fellow, Tammy McDonald, that I would create a reading list of books I thought every indie author should read. This isn't that list, but it's a fair start.  

If you have any interest in writing for a living, I highly recommend adding these books to your library and reading them often.

MUST. This book contains more information about publishing and marketing your work as an indie author than you'll possibly be able to use. If you get the ebook version, it is continuously updated with the latest information. I have this on Kindle and in print, for quick access to the various bits I need. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, if your plan is to make a business out of indie publishing this book must have its place in your brain.

You'll find resources for publishing and platform building, plus tons of professional tips and tools for taking your book from manuscript to final product.

MUST. From the guys who produce the weekly Self Publishing Podcast, this book gives you a ridiculous amount of insight into setting up your writing life as a business (as well as an art). This is down-to-earth, no-BS stuff that will help you wrap your brain around building a repeatable system for generating work and marketing it to your audience. There are tips for creating a workflow, building an author platform, working with writing partners, and promoting yourself without being a complete jerk.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. While not precisely writing about "indie publishing," King gives a pretty eyes-wide look into publishing as an industry and the true "work" of being an author. This book is written in King's usual engaging style, with a bit of autobiography thrown in to give it a very personal feel. But the real gold in this book is the straight forward, shoot-from-the-hip (broken or otherwise) advice King gives for anyone who wants to jam words together for a living.

I re-read this book periodically for inspiration and insight. It's worth coming back to again and again. 

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. This book isn't (entirely) aimed at indie authors, but it's absolutely crammed with useful advice and resources aimed at helping you create a strong self-owned business. Learn to use outsourcing effectively to remove "work stress" from your day, and get valuable insight into A/B testing for advertising, book titles, and even landing pages. I almost want to label this one a "MUST." If you are at all interested in running your work like a business (and you better be), this book really should have its place in your library.

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