Buy it now on Amazon!

Buy it now on Amazon!

It’s here! Citadel: Children of Light is available RIGHT NOW on Amazon! You can buy a digital copy instantly, and the print version should be available through Amazon’s regular channel within 48 hours. In the meantime, if you just can’t wait to get your hands on a fresh, warm, delicious print copy of the book, you can buy it here:

(P.S. I get a bigger royalty if you buy it from that link, and you’re still technically buying via Amazon, so all credits and discounts can apply!)

And now for an apology

This book took way longer to produce than it should have. Notice, I said “produce,” not “write.” Because once I actually started treating this as a business, putting in the time and dedication that should have been there from the start, the book was done in a couple of weeks. Bam. 

I’ve owed you this book for two years, and for that I am deeply sorry. Thank you so much for sticking it out! I hope you love the book, and find it worth the wait. I learned so much in writing these three volumes, and that is going to carry me forward into a full-on career in this. So thank you for being a part of it, and teaching me so much about it. 

And now for a promise

I hate making commitments. Mostly because once I’ve promised something I feel a crushing weight of guilt until I fulfill that promise. But this one’s going to be easy, because my entire attitude and focus regarding the “author business” has changed dramatically.

I am making the promise, right now, that I will produce more and more books, again and again, for as long as I’m capable of doing so. I live and heath this now. It’s my heart. And you are a big, huge, whopping part of that. I’m so grateful for you, I can’t say it enough. So I promise, if you stick with me in this I will deliver, again and again.

I’m working on a new book that is the first of a series: Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land. I’m having a friggin’ blast writing this book, which is a YA story that uses a lot of ideas I’ve kept in the idea drawer for the past four decades. It’s fun, adventurous, and an absolute joy to write. I think you’ll love it.

I started the book on May 14, 2014. As of this post, I’m 70% done with the first draft! I expect another week to finish the draft, and then I’ll edit and polish over the course of June. My goal is a July 1 release.

You’ve stuck with me so far, through about six years of waiting for Book X of Citadel to finally hit shelves. I appreciate that, so very much. Now, stick with me for a few more weeks to see a whole new era begin. I plan to churn out hundreds, hopefully thousands of books in my lifetime. We’re off to a good start.

I need reviews! And people!

One last note — if you’ve read any of my books, please, PLEASE go review them on Amazon and anywhere else you can think of! Those reviews help boost my ranking, which helps me get noticed, which helps me sell more books. Selling more books means getting closer to my goal of writing these full-time. Which means even MORE books. If you like my work, if you would love to see more, if you just want to be amazing, go post a review!

And finally, I have a new goal that’s related to the marketing side. I’m going to talk about this at length on every channel I can, but the short version is this: I need people in my mailing list.

My goal is to increase my email mailing list to 1,000 people by July 1, 2014. 

Here’s how you can help …

Go to your own audience — your email contacts, social media channels, even just word-of-mouth friends and family — and tell them to come to this site and get a FREE copy of Citadel: First Colony. All they have to do is click that little yellow banner up top (it’ll be there for a whole), sign up for my list, and BAM! Links to download will appear!

Growing this list helps me to promote my work, which helps me meet all those goals above faster. So please, if you like my work, like me, or just like supporting indies, tell people to come sign up!

If, by some chance, you aren’t signed up yourself, please do! If you already have First Colony, don’t fret. I plan on offering more free goodies and other perks as we go. 


Thank you again for your support, your patience, and your help! If you need anything at all, contact me. If I can help, I will. If I can’t, I’ll do whatever I can anyway! 

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