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I've been a writer nearly all my life. I tell a few stories about my career that have become part of a mythos of sorts—I wrote my first book when I was five years old (five pages of notebook paper, front and back); I've written professionally since I was 12 years old (I was paid for a weekly teen beat column in the local paper); I kilt me a b'ar when I was only three (stole that one from Davy Crocket). 

Actually, though, it would be a lot more accurate to say I've been a storyteller my entire life. Or at least from the point where I could communicate with other humans. And that goes beyond writing to include dictating radio-play-like stories into a trusty tape recorder, babbling endlessly to friends and family about seeing Big Foot or unicorns or some such, and later doing podcasts, making documentary films and, of course, writing books. Lots and lots of books.

All that has been amazing. But now I'm looking at a new chapter in my own story, and I could use a hand in telling it.

It's an RV Life for Us

My wife and I made a decision, several months ago. We decided that we would sell our house, buy an RV, and travel full time while I write. 

As most major life decision do, this one has taken a few twists and turns. The original narrative was pretty much A to B to Z. But the reality is, there were a lot of little steps in between A and B that we only discovered as we committed and moved forward.

So far we've sold the house, we've downsized a bit (much more to come), and we have, in fact, bought an RV. Though it isn't the one we'll live in full time. 

Nevertheless, the game is afoot!

Over the next year or so we will be branching out from an apartment in Sugar Land, Texas to parts unknown, as we continue to downsize and reduce our footprint. Once we're downsized and have a few test runs under our belt, we'll trade in the tiny RV and the apartment for something bigger, and then it's off to the races.

All the while, I'm going to keep writing books, blog posts, short stories, articles, and anything else that lets me keep telling stories and—just as important—making a living.

So here's where you can help.

I'm going to be out there. I'm going to be meeting people and learning new things, exploring new places, getting all kinds of crazy ideas. And I'm going to need an outlet for all of it

So I'm looking for publications. 

Blogs, magazines, podcasts, newspapers, book publishers, newsletters, radio and TV shows, YouTube channels—I'm looking for publications and media outlets that need stories and content to share with their audiences. I'm looking for publications that can feed me a list of what they're looking for, so that I may fill it with words, or so I can get on the air and talk about what I'm seeing and learning and experiencing. 

If you happen to head a publication like that, or know someone who does, let's connect and chat. Because I think things are going to get amazing soon, and I am really looking forward to sharing all of that amazing.

Some topics I'm already writing about, and talking about on various podcasts—

  • The RV life, and everything that goes into downsizing and getting on the road
  • Downsizing for writers, and how I'm reducing my writing footprint
  • 30-Day Author, my new book about my process for developing a daily writing habit, and writing a book in 30 days (or less)
  • Podcasting for authors—I mean, I have three of them now
  • Indie publishing, and everything that goes with it

Some topics I'm interested in writing or talking about, as opportunity arises—

  • Personalities I'll meet on the road
  • Travel experiences, especially "behind the scenes" looks at the places we'll visit, and the odd and amazing things we'll find there, plus all the people who make these places come to life
  • Writing and podcasting from the road, and everything I'll learn about doing this work without my comfy home office, occasionally without internet, and generally just improvising my way through my day-to-day
  • RV hacking—all the tricks and gadgets and workarounds I'll come up with, because I'm tinkerer and modder at heart

And maybe you or someone you know will think of some things I haven't. Which I absolutely adore. Because this whole journey is about my wife and I getting out and living our lives, experiencing as many different flavors of the world as we can, and helping other people become excited about the prospect of getting out and living themselves. 

If you'd like to talk to me about writing or podcasting opportunities, contact me on LinkedIn or at I'm actively looking for paid opportunities, sponsorships for blogs and podcasts, and some purely exposure opportunities as well, so pitch me anything. I also welcome introductions to agents, editors, and publishers. 

See you on the road.


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