I've been thinking this morning that humanity has a mindset problem.

We keep thinking in terms of "we have to fight terrorism, we have to fight for better gun laws, we have to fight cancer, war, inequality." We fight more battles daily than have been fought globally in the whole of history.

How about this:

Instead of fighting and trying to find ways to tear down the objects of our anger and wrath, why don't we start thinking in terms of what we can build instead?

How can we build something that makes terrorism and wars moot? What can we create that would make guns and gun legislation pointless? What can we build that would encourage and promote equality, hope, and peace on a global scale? How can we feed the hungry, house the homeless, and ensure livelihood for everyone?

Seriously—this isn't flaky talk. I'm opening this up as a foundational principle by which we can live our lives, every day. 

Instead of thinking, "How can I fight cancer?" Change the rhetoric to, "What can I create that will make cancer irrelevant?" 

Instead of thinking, "How can I force these people to give me the rights I deserve?" change the rhetoric to, "What can I create that will make equality a given?" 

It's better to build something good than to fight to tear down something evil. I believe that, with all my heart. 

I also fail at the principle, quite a bit. And for that, I'm sorry. Because there will be plenty of people who will look at me as a proponent of this idea, and say, "He couldn't do it. He's a failure. He's a bad example to follow." They'll be completely justified in that, if it's how they feel. 

But I'm going to keep trying to be a good example of this anyway. Because it transcends the arguments of who is right or wrong politically, ethically, morally, spiritually. I can believe in God and believe we should all own a gun and believe any other thing you may or may not agree with, and we can still build something good instead of always trying to tear down something bad. 

If all we ever do is think about tearing down the evil in the world, we're only serving evil. We're praying to evil. We're keeping evil alive in our thoughts every minute of the day, through our worry and fear and anger and hatred.

Let's build something good instead. 

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