Yesterday I found a great little coffee shop that has officially made it onto  my rotation of "places where I will create stuff." Kosmos Coffee is a not-for-profit business in Cinco Ranch, Texas. Check out their missions statement:

We seek to provide great coffee in the context of community — with all the profits benefiting humanitarian organizations both locally and globally.

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There's everything a growing authority entrepreneur needs in that one mission statement.

"We seek to provide great coffee ..." — the offer.

"... in the context of the community ..." — the tribe.

"... with all the profits benefiting humanitarian organizations both locally and globally ..." — the benefit that addresses a pain point.

All of that forms the why of your business. It's the reason you're in business in the first place. It's the purpose of everything you're doing and everything you're building.

You don't have to give all your profits away. Your product may actually be a service instead. Your tribe may be a specific segment of the community. But this is as good a format for your mission statement as you'll ever find. 

What's your missions statement? What do you provide, what problem do you solve, and for whom are you solving it? What's the why of your business?

Write it down, read it every day, and keep it at the very heart of your business. When you're confused about which direction your business needs to go, or why you should keep trying, look at that statement again and remind yourself. It will help you stay on track, and that means you're making steady forward progress, all the while.

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