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If you've ever wanted to write a book but didn't know where to start ...

Or if you've written a book, but can't figure out how to publish it ...

Or if you've published, but need a push to figure out the marketing ...


Instead ... take the Anticourse!

Nick Thacker and I have opened registration for the TumThack Author Anticourse — an untethered, unlimited approach to author training that is different (and way more effective) than anything you may have seen before.

We've combined the reach of our weekly Self Publishing Answers Podcast with the one-on-one power of our author coaching practices. 

In three sessions, two hours each, you will be able to not only listen in on what Nick and I have to say about self publishing as a business, you get to direct the conversation!

Ask us anything. We will answer it live. And when it's all done, we'll create custom resources meant to help you in the very areas where you're struggling!

The next time this course opens up, it's going to sell four a couple of grand. But right now, fresh out of the gate, we want to cut the rate down to the bare minimum. We've reduced the price to only $383.97—the lowest we could make it, to the penny, before we actually start losing money on it! 

If that's too steep right now, we even have a 3-month payment plan. Just $133.33 per month—still coming in under $400 even with the $20 processing fee. 

Ready to stop dreaming about being an author and start actually being an author? 


Registration closes at Midnight on Saturday, 23 May. And spots are limited! SO HURRY!

See you there, Author.

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Kevin Tumlinson is the author of numerous novels, novellas, and non-fiction books, and the host of the Wordslinger Podcast. Try three of his best books for free when you download his starter library at


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