How do you feel when you talk about money?

It's probably one of the most uncomfortable conversations we can have. Religions, sex, politics, medical issues—even these taboo topics pale in comparison to the existential angst that can come over us when we have to discuss our finances.

It's so private.

Recently Kara and I started talking to a financial advisor. Coincidentally, I also started producing podcast snippets and blog posts for a money-themed website. I'm not a financial expert, and in fact have a very uncomfortable relationship with money. But I know when God's trying to nudge me on something.

So talking about money has become a brand new pastime for me. Along with dealing with all the angst and anxiety and emotional baggage those conversations can dredge up. I think of it as good for me. It's an inoculation against that anxiety, to talk about it more openly, to learn more, to grow in my understanding of money in the real world. 

If I'm going to make more money, I should know more about money.

My new financial advisor gave me something I'm using as an anchor in all this. So, because I am me and I am the guy who shares as he learns, here is the advice that is helping me face my money fears at the moment:

Money is a tool, like a hammer or a screwdriver or a shovel. And you use tools to build things. And what you build with money is the life you want.

And there it is. Money. Defined. Explained. Rationalized. And made just a little softer, so that I understand it a little better. That's the new framework through which I'll choose to view money. 

How do you see it? What do you feel, when you talk about money?

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