Tomorrow Kara and I hop on a flight to Toronto. It has nothing to do with the US Elections—don't tempt me.

Actually, I'm looking forward to spending a week exploring a sliver of Canada. I'm hoping to drop by the Kobo offices and maybe get a little tour. I might even have a chance to meet up with a few digital friends, so they can prove to me they have legs. 

I'll certainly try to post something on the blog tomorrow morning, but given that we have to fly out pretty early I can't guarantee it. But I do promise to write posts while in Canada. I'll try to include some photos and maybe a video or two as well. 

In the meantime, how about we do something a little different? I'd like to ask a question, and see what your answers would be. You can answer here in comments, or you can answer via email or on whatever social media site you find this on. Ready?

What's the toughest thing you've ever had to give up or give away or throw out, and how did you manage to go through with it? 

With all the downsizing and preparing for the RV life that Kara and I are doing, that question has some impact for us. So I'd love to hear your stories! And I'll quote some of them in a future post, and possibly on a video or podcast so other folks can benefit from them. So thanks for the help!


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