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I made Steve Martin laugh

My work on your world is done. I am ready to ascend to the stars and bring pop-culture-related joy to the alien masses of distant galaxies.

This came on the heels of what I'm calling "a damned good day," at least digital-wise.

For the past couple of weeks I've been in talks with a SciFi celebrity TO BE NAMED LATER who has shown solid interest in recording Citadel: First Colony for the release. That's cool, nay I say awesome, and I'll be making The Big Announcement(TM) when I have more to share.

Also yesterday I got kudos from Seth Godin over yesterday's blog entry. He also said that our ideas weren't quite the same, but I think that's just cover. Don't worry, Seth! We're cool! No lawsuits over intellectual property either way, right? Right?

Yeah, we're cool.

But it was a random comment to Steve Martin that gave me the biggest ego boost of the day. He was saying something about his iPhone syncing slowly. I wrote that my iPhone syncs slowly too, but mostly because it's actually the cardboard display from Best Buy. So it's still faster than the real thing.


Now, his response takes a bit of interpretation, but I'm going with "he laughed." Because, dammit, I want this as a win. He wrote:

@kevintumlinson Nice.

Eh? Eh?!? Laughter. I sense it. So do you. DO NOT DENY ME THIS MOMENT.

I even showed up on his website:

Steve Martin totally digs me.

See it? Right there under "Twitter." PROOF.

He's gonna take me to the Oscars, I just know it.

Now if only I could stop automatically typing his name as "Steve Marting." I don't know what that's about. Damned robot fingers have minds of their own.

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