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Blog changes in bloggity fasion

As 2013 started winding down, I started to get wound up. I have a lot of interests, just like real people, and I've done my best to explore them, and right thoroughly. With three blogs, i was able to divide things up, just like the books tell ya. I was able to separate my Christian lifestyle design philosophy from my marketing whiz-bangitude, and keep those separate yet again from the quirky, sans-pants stuff that I was writing just for fun. And I was happy to do it. It was fun, in a way, to put on a different Wordslinger hat each day of the week.

But then I'd have days when I wanted to write about a topic twice in a row, or I wanted to write something that could technically fit on all three blogs, and so it was tough to figure out where it most belonged. That's a wonderful kind of headache for a writer to have, actually — where do I want my work to show up today?

So I'm cycling out two of my blogs. I'm not tossing them away. They're still there, available to read in the blogchives. But unless it's a special occasion, I'm probably not going to update them much anymore.

I'm posting this on all three blogs, so that anyone who is a regular reader will see it. But here's the breakdown:

life is marketing — My marketing blog was where I would share what I was learning as I read and as I grew as a marketing smartypants. If I ever have a purely marketing article, something that I think deserves its own space, I'll still post it there. It's part of my professional portfolio, in its way. And it can be fun. 

intended life — I've more or less said everything I wanted to say about Christian faith as it pertains to lifestyle design. That was fun. I loved that blog, and still do. And again, if I have an idea for something that deserves its own space, I'll post there. But I think it's played its role, for me and for those who read it.

pants under there — This will become my primary blog. It's quirky and fun and totally focused on the things that interest me most. And for the biggest part, that's storytelling. As an author and a Wordslinger, I need a place where I can get all talky-widdit about topics I find funny or interesting or stab-worthy. But mostly I need a place where I can explore story ideas, where I can build an audience and we can interact with each other, like the days of yore. Remember days of yore? Yore welcome.


All three blogs are still live and still accessible through the blogchives, even though only one of them will get an update on a regular basis (pants under there ... pay attention). Waddya think of dem apples? 

Now, to the fun stuff.

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