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new ebook - "Getting Gone" - Exclusively for Kindle at

It's kind of a good book.My new ebook "Getting Gone" just hit! It's a novella (that's a short book ... keep up), and I'm very excited about this one! Here's the cover blurb from Amazon: 

Shawn Stewart is kind of an unusual husband.
He has high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming an incredibly wealthy inventor with a gorgeous wife. Brilliant and resourceful, and sometimes a little clueless, Shawn knows he's anything but a typical guy.
When his wife, Christine, turns out to be an ex-spy and is murdered by someone Shawn thought was a friend, he's forced to go on the run and stay one step ahead of the organization that will do anything to bury one of Christine's darkest secrets.

Buy it here! Exclusively for the Kindle, at!


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