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A birthday every day

I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because the Wikipedia article I crib as a source for all my blog posts says plagiarism is bad.

Well, there's that, and then there's the fact that Grammarly is a handy, nifty, expedited way to check your grammar online. Helps avoid embarrassing, unintentional faux pas. I like all my faux pas to be intentional. And Grammarly is Wordslinger approved.*

Speaking of grammar, over the weekend I hung out with my family, in celebration of the birth of a great and mighty man. That would be me. Also, it has nothing whatsoever to do with grammar, but I couldn't think of a neat and tidy segue. 

"Sorry my grammar couldn't be there." Dammit. That would have been a good one. 

Big thanks, and big love,  to my wife, my mother, and my dreamy in-laws for a birthday celebration that was truly touching and meaningful. 

Aging doesn't worry me. The framework I've built for my life and my philosophy includes a very healthy dose of living right here, right now. So getting older just mens more now to live in, get it?

Worry and anxiety are signs of either trying to predict the future or trying to recapture the past. Since neither of those things is entirely possible, it can lead to some very uncomfortable cognitive dissonance. And that way, dear friends, lies madness. Or at least horrible unpleasant lifeness. To be avoided.

Take a moment, any moment. Look at it closely. What do you see? Is it shiny and full of opportunity? Or is it dulled, with a mottled patina of anxiety and dread? Are you living or are you passing the time?  

I turned 41 on Saturday, and I intend to treat that "1" as the start of something bigger and bluer and better than what I've had before. So thank you, dear reader, sweet friend, for being a part of that beginning. Every day has one. This one's for you (and me). 

Happy birthday, one and all! 


*Which is almost completely meaningless, honestly



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