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Review "Citadel: First Colony" for FREE (with a catch)

"Citadel: Paths in Darkness," aka "Book Two of the 'Citadel' trilogy," is set to release at the end of March, and to celebrate I'm giving away free copies of the electronic version of "First Colony" from now through April 30!

Free ... with a catch.

I'm asking anyone who downloads the free version of the book to post a review of it online. Write a review on your blog, pitch it in your social media posts, write a little something on Amazon or on Smashwords, brag about it on ... or do 'em all! Support from readers like you is the biggest reason I put words to page every day, and it would help a lot to have your ringing endorsement.

So, if you're willing to review the book, go ahead and visit my landing page at ( Once there, you can use this coupon code to claim your free electronic version of "Citadel: First Colony": QT33Z

This code will be active until April 30, 2012, so feel free to pass it along to your fellow bloggers. Just make sure to tell them the one caveat ... I need reviews! 

I'm taking an honor system approach here, and I'm placing a lot of trust in you. You've earned it. You're so loveable. But seriously, I really, truly appreciate what you're doing.

And one last thing! I sincerely hope you enjoy the book, but a "good" review isn't a requirement. If you think it sucks, I understand, and I'm perfectly willing to accept that as a review. I grow as a writer with every bit of feedback I get. So feel free to be honest (actually, I'm counting on you being honest, aren't I?). Read. Enjoy. Review!

Oh, and once you review, let me know about it. I'd love to read it! I'll even post a link here. Thanks!

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