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Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll watch TV again

I'm paranoid that I will somehow be bored for 10-12 hours straight on the flights to and from Europe so I've loaded up with man-movies (not porn ... if I meant porn, I'd say porn), books, audiobooks, video games, and, of course, projects I should be working on instead of doing all of the above.

I know what you're thinking. Three books in the queue, I should be writing. And you're right. But c'mon. I'm going to have the equivalent of a long work day in the air. I typically write for three to four hours each day. So I gotta have something to fill out the rest of that time. What am I going to do, sleep?

Mmm ... sleep.

I've bought and rented a few movies from iTunes, but I'm also "backing up" some of my DVDs. Currently in conversion is Ed Wood. Love that flick. Makes me want to make a monster movie in a weekend.

Anyway, I should have plenty to keep me occupied. I'm even bringing my Black & Decker Power 2 Go to keep the electronic fun going. Last time we flew to Paris that little doodad kept me in the laptop fun the whole flight. 

Time is ticking down. Getting anxious. Must remember to pack. Can't have a repeat of The Great Disney World Fiasco.

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