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I will spend your money

Today one of my clients came to me and gave me a job number. "There are 109 hours on this job number. Use 'em."

"Use 'em? What do you mean?" I asked.

"Whatever you do for us over the next 109 hours, bill it to this job number."

<blink, blink>

"Or just bill 109 hours to this job. It really doesn't matter if you actually do anything."

<blink, blink> "O ... kay," I replied. 

I'm familiar with this game, shuffling at the end of the year to use up a budget before time runs out and takes next year's funding with it. I've just never been asked, point blank, to bill a bunch of hours to a project I'm not working on. But hey, your pay-me-not-to-work wish is my command!

It makes me wonder, what other high-paying, non-working, end-of-year-budget-renewal opportunities can I get in on? Am I missing a golden ticket here? Should I advertise on Adsense? Or maybe put a spot on TV?

"Do you have end-of-year budget to burn? Call the expert! I can use your budget to accomplish great tasks, and bill to your job numbers as if I were right there in your offices! And if you act now, I will throw in this FREE Net 15 Invoice! Yours to keep! Call it my gift to you."

This is so appealing, I may just franchise the idea.

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