Kara and I are house hunting. Over the weekend we looked at two houses - one that was 50 years old and one that was built in the past couple of months. To be honest, I wasn't all that thrilled with either. The newer one was nice, and in our price range, but the little neighborhood it was in came off as kind of weird to me. Plus it was really far from my office, which puts it REALLY far from Kara's.

Our realtor urged us to consider a town home. I've heard ups and downs about town homes, but all-in-all I think I would like to get into one. At this point in our lives, I don't know if we have much use for a yard. I had a yard for a couple of years in West Columbia and the only time I got out in it was to mow it. With the business staggering to life slowly and with all the other things that are going on day to day, maybe a town home WOULD be the way to go.

If anyone knows why this would be just a horrendous idea, let me know! I'm willing to consider just about any argument.

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