January and February were tough months, business-wise, but it looks like things are finally starting to pick up. The past couple of weeks have been almost grueling with the work load that has cropped up.

Over the weekend I produced a piece for First Baptist Chruch of Brazoria. They're going to use the short in their Passion Play. One of their church members will be editing the piece, but from the footage we shot I think it's going to be very powerful. If anyone has the chance to go see it, please let me know how it turned out! I'm going to try to get down there myself, if I can.

Other than that... the house hunt seems to be going well. We've found a place we really like, a three bedroom townhome in a nice area. So far we've had no trouble with the loan process, but then we're just beginning. I'm confident everything will work out.

So keep us in your prayers and thoughts. Getting into this house would be a tremendous step for us!

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