I'm not the world's biggest fan of reality TV (ironic, since I do a lot of documentary work), but I have to say that Kara and I have been watching American Idol for the past season and I'm really impressed. There's a crop of extremely talented people on the show this time around. I've never watched it for more than an episode or two before, but I've been tuning in two or three times a week lately.

My pick? Well... it's still hard to say. But I have to say that Taylor Hicks is my favorite. He may not win, but he'd certainly get an album out of this. He's got this "soul" thing going on that I can really appreciate.

And on the girl's side... Katharine McPhee. On top of being a phenomenal singer, she's just so stinkin' CUTE. Very "girl next door."

I actually think she has the biggest chance at winning this thing. So if pressed, I'd say she's the front runner. But I still like Taylor best. I'm a soul man.

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