My good friend, Todd Hewey, is leaving this week. He's moving to North Carolina where he'll be taking on a job with the Inspiration Network. I think this is a great move for Todd because it keeps him working in the field he loves but gives him the structure he needs. Working as a freelance producer was tough for him. Having to do all of the jobs... find the money, make the schedules, set up the interviews, book everything... that was wearing him down. Now he'll have teams of people to do these things for him.

Of course, Todd is something of a work-aholic anyway. Chances are he'll STILL have the hundred-hour work weeks, the long nights, the working weekends.

I'll miss having Todd around. He's a decent guy, and he got me into the business of production (which I won't hold against him). I think this is a good move for him, but it'll be strange not having him here in Houston.

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