Well, this week has shaped up to be a real work load! Starting tomorrow morning I have three days solid of depositions for York Stenographic. These are usually pretty good gigs, since the majority of work is listening to [sometimes] interesting legal stories, jotting a few notes, then turning in the CDs and tapes I've authored to collect a pay check. Good money for an airconditioned gig!

Of course, the really good deposition work is video. Go in, set up the camera and a couple of mics and there you are. There's usually no paperwork involved in those, just "going on the record at such-and-such time" or "we're off the record and so-and-so" or whatever. I love doing depositions. They can get a little dull but they're "easy money" (as much as that term can be applied to anything). Having the equipment is half the battle!

If any of you good and faithful readers is a lawyer or happens to know one, I'm happy to expand my clientele! Give me a call on my office line at 713-772-1828.

Sheesh... seems like I'm always begging for work, doesn't it? I guess I just like eating and having a place to live or something!

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