I'm thinking about teaching again.

This isn't a decision I make lightly. For one thing, it means pulling myself away from my business almost enitrely. Relegating the production work I do to evenings, weekends and summers makes it tough to establish clients. But so would living on the street or being incapacitaed by an illness or injury. Both bleak options are possible since money trickles in a little on the slow side and I have no benefits.

Besides, if I'm being honest I have to admit that I kind of miss teaching. In some ways, it was the greatest job in the world. Aside for the red tape an beauracracy, of course. I liked working with the kids, sharing what I've learned, and learning more as time went by.

So I'm looking for a teaching position somewhere. I'd like to find something that connects with the work I've been doing for the past 10 years or so. Maybe teaching in a media program. Or writing.

I'd like to teach on a college campus as opposed to a public school, but I'm finding a lot of interesting opportunities on the High School level. So maybe I'll go back to that!

Anyway, if anyone knows of any openings in the Houston area I'd appreciate a heads up.

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